Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre

General public and volunteers


Patients, carers and members of the public can get involved in our research in many different ways. Involving patients and carers in our research helps us to answer research questions. The needs of patients (and their carers if relevant) are considered throughout the research process.


We often need volunteers for brain and whole body imaging studies. These studies follow protocols that have been approved by local ethics committees. Some of the studies will also provide a small inconvenience allowance and if you would like, you may take away a picture of your body.

You would have to undergo safety screening before being scanned, and in particular we cannot scan anyone with a pacemaker or some types of metal implants in their bodies. Please note that you cannot start to participate in a new medical research study within 3 months of finishing a different one on campus. 

You may want to watch this video designed to introduce children to the MRI experience.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in one of our studies, please email Henry Bowler ,Louise Cowell  or call+44 (0) 115 9514747


We participate in outreach and community events directly and also through the Schools of Physics, Medicine, Psychology and Life Sciences. We can generally provide speakers for schools, colleges and public events. Unfortunately we are unable to provide work experience below undergraduate level as demand is too great, however most years we host Nuffield Research Placements.


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