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Creative, cultural and heritage industries represent a large variety of activities and enterprises. They shape many social and cultural expectations, both locally and globally.

From TV to museums, record labels to social media platforms, these industries are influential both socially and economically. In the UK alone, these industries employ almost two million people and contribute billions to the economy.

Part of the big adjustment that these industries are currently making is necessitated by the disruptive rise of digital technology. Such technology is providing new ways of accessing and understanding creativity, culture, and heritage. This Research Priority Area (RPA) works in a multidisciplinary way across fields such as archaeological analysis, computer science, historical interpretation, data asset management, visitor engagement, screen studies, geography, business and performance studies among others.

Due to recent developments in research at the University, this Creative and Digital Research Priority Area merges two of our previous RPAs - the Heritage and the Digital RPA which has to date primarily focused on the creation and delivery of interactive digital tools to transform how people connect with and share history and culture. And secondly, the Creative and Cultural Industries RPA which has to date focused primarily on the ways in which the platform economy is transforming and disrupting creative industries, as well as on the co-production of knowledge with practitioners. However, there is scope for this new Creative and Digital RPA to undertake new areas of research reflecting other areas of expertise and interest within the University and beyond.

Our primary goal is to bring together a wealth of expertise from across the University of Nottingham, and to help catalyse innovative research into the creative,  cultural and heritage industries. By helping to bridge the gaps between disciplines as varied as computer science, culture, film and media law and the social sciences, we will strengthen the research output of all our academics working in this field, and provide new opportunities for cross-disciplinary projects.

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A globally connected University, and with academics drawn from across our campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China, the University of Nottingham can provide an international insight into the unique challenges and impacts of the creative,  cultural and heritage industries. This, combined with our strong track record for innovation and impact in this area, ensure that this RPA will be an effective part of the institution.

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Improving our understanding of these vital industries can help us, and companies, organisations and individuals across the world, better understand the role that they play in defining our culture, improving international relations and maximising economic impact. We aim to strategically build relations with centres of excellence at UK and overseas institutions to improve research collaboration, and work extensively with both public and private enterprise to have the greatest impact.

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