Our people

NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
RPA Lead
Dryden, Ian0115 8467412Professor of StatisticsEnvelope Icon
Other Academic
Brameld, John0115 951 6133Professor of Nutritional BiochemistryEnvelope Icon
Brignell, Chris0115 9514982Associate Professor, Head of Section Mathematical Education & ScholarshipEnvelope Icon
de Moor, Cornelia0115 9515041Associate Professor in RNA BiologyEnvelope Icon
Dottorini, Tania0115 951 6790Professor in BioinformaticsEnvelope Icon
Fairclough, Lucy0115 82 30729Professor of ImmunologyEnvelope Icon
French, Andrewn/aProfessorEnvelope Icon
Hirst, Jonathan0115 95 13478Professor of Computational Chemistry & Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging TechnologiesEnvelope Icon
Kypraios, Theodore0115 9514922Professor of Statistics, Head of Section Statistics & ProbabilityEnvelope Icon
Laughton, Charles0115 9513405Professor of Computational Pharmaceutical ScienceEnvelope Icon
Loose, Matt0115 82 30358Professor of Developmental and Computational BiologyEnvelope Icon
May, Sean0115 951 3306Director of, Professor of Plant CyberinfrastructureEnvelope Icon
Preston, Simon0115 9514927Professor of Statistics and Applied MathematicsEnvelope Icon
Stekel, Dov0115 951 6294Professor of Computational BiologyEnvelope Icon
Tarlinton, Rachael0115 951 6273Associate Professor in Veterinary VirologyEnvelope Icon
Tata, Laila J0115 823 1353Professor of EpidemiologyEnvelope Icon
Thul, Ruediger0115 8467913Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics, Director of PGT StudiesEnvelope Icon
Wattis, Jonathan0115 9513857Professor of Mathematical SciencesEnvelope Icon
Wheatley, Richard0115 951 3454Associate Professor and Reader in Theoretical ChemistryEnvelope Icon
Associate Professors
Brennan, Marnie0115 951 6577Director of the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine and Assistant Professor in EpidemiologyEnvelope Icon
Garibaldi, Jon0115 95 14216Professor of Computer ScienceEnvelope Icon
Coombes, Stephen0115 8467836Professor of Applied Mathematics, Head of Section Applied MathematicsEnvelope Icon
Green, Martin0115 951 6438Professor of Cattle Health & EpidemiologyEnvelope Icon
Marsh, Stuart0115 95 15445Head of the NGI and Professor of Geospatial EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Pearce, Frazer0115 951 5160Professor of PhysicsEnvelope Icon
Williams, Phil0115 9515025Professor of Biophysics, Faculty of Science APVC for Research and Knowledge ExchangeEnvelope Icon
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Research Fellow
Goulding, James0115 82 32557Associate Professor in Data Science/ Director, N/Lab Research CentreEnvelope Icon
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Administrative Staff
Hawker, David0115 9514937Research and Business Development ManagerEnvelope Icon

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