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The Data Driven Discovery Research Priority Area brings together researchers from across the institution to tackle major challenges in data analysis and understanding. We give prominence to fundamental research that enables and enhances work in every major field. 

We drive innovation by deriving meaning from data in new and ground-breaking ways, while giving greater insight into the ethical concerns surrounding complex and large datasets. Data science is a new and fast-growing field.

This research focus aims to the drive quality and quantity of cutting-edge research into both the fundamental methodologies and direct applications for extracting knowledge from raw data. Our research is founded on cross-disciplinary work, and we bring together research teams with a wide variety of backgrounds and views to ensure that the work we do is outstanding.

Our impact

Almost everything that we do generates data that potentially hold the key to a greater and deeper understanding of our health, culture and daily lives. Datasets generated in this way provide huge opportunities for improving our quality of life, but they also pose great risks to our security and privacy if not handled with care. Through our partnerships with businesses and the public sector, we work to increase awareness of these risks and foster best practices.

Our University

The University of Nottingham has major strengths in researching the societal and ethical impact of the increasingly data-rich world.  By linking distinct but complementary groups of researchers, we can draw together all of our strengths to create world-leading innovative research in the field.  Members of the research area are from many successful research groups in the University with substantial funding from research councils, charities and industry.

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