Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology

The Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology (CMMB) is based within the School of Mathematical Sciences and comprises members of the University of Nottingham who use mathematical methods to provide insights into biological and biomedical phenomena. We aim to promote the application of mathematical modelling to medicine and the biomedical sciences, and to stimulate multi-disciplinary research within the University and beyond.

The CMMB is an Institute Partner of the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) at Ohio State University.

The CMMB is coordinating the new UK Multi-Scale Biology Network. The network is funded by BBSRC.

The CMMB will play host to the Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology and European Conference for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology in Summer 2016. Further details are available on the conference website.

Events & Seminars 

Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group VII (MPSSG VII)

05 - 08/01/2016
University Park
The Seventh Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group workshop (MPSSG VII) will take place 5-8 January 2016 at the University Park campus.

Latest News

Infectious Disease Management in Africa

Dr Sirl travels to Africa to present work on the mathematical modelling of infectious diseases.
Fellowship Achievement

Fellowship Achievement

Congratulations to Dr Nicolangelo Iannella from the University of Adelaide on the award of a EU Cascade Fellowship.
PhD student wins poster prize

PhD student wins poster prize

Wilhelm Braun, PhD student, receives the best poster prize at French conference

Recent Publications


BRAUN, W, MATTHEWS, PC and THUL, R, 2015. First-passage times in integrate-and-fire neurons with stochastic thresholds. Physical Review E, 91, 052701 (Online).

HILHORST, D, KAMPMANN, J, NGUYEN, TN and VAN DER ZEE, KG, 2015. Formal asymptotic limit of a diffuse-interface tumor-growth model. Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences. 25(6), 1011-1044.

PRATT, AC, WATTIS, JAD and SALTER, AM, 2015. Mathematical modelling of hepatic lipid metabolism. Mathematical Biosciences, 262, 167-181.

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