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The second quantum revolution is bringing transformational advances to academia, industry and society. Our multidisciplinary research will help The University of Nottingham enhance its position as centre of excellence in this fast-evolving field.

Our research has applications in areas as diverse as:

  • medical imaging, where new quantum magnetometers promise neuroscientists dramatic improvements in brain-imaging capabilities
  • precision navigation and timing with quantum-based accelerometers sensors offering  the prospect for signal-free devices
  • sensitive environmental surveys and natural resource exploration with new highly sensitive gravity sensors unlocking visions of the world beneath our feet (as underpinned by the strategic relationship of the University with the British Geological Survey).

A key research area includes the development of integrated portable atom chips, capable of creating and trapping clouds of ultra-cold atoms, which are at the heart of many  quantum sensor and computing technologies.

Ultra-cold atoms can be harnessed in areas such as nanoscale microscopy, highly sensitive acceleration and rotation sensor prototypes, nanoscopic structural test methods for materials, and aerospace components.  In addition, our research builds on world-leading innovation in medical imaging, by helping to devise medical end-user applications, including ion transport in cancer cells and dramatically improved and affordable magnetoencephalography (MEG) capabilities.

Our impact

We link foundational exploration of the nature of complex quantum physics through to collaborations with industry. By developing relationships with commercial end-users, our researchers will also ultimately support the design, development, testing and operation of quantum devices.  We will help to create new opportunities across fields ranging from medicine, environmental surveys, information technology and security, with the promise of as yet unimagined capabilities in future.

Our University

We have a world-leading reputation for quantum physics research and the development of the technologies that apply these discoveries to the real world. By combining all aspects of understanding, assembling and utilising quantum systems under a single umbrella, we will further focus our work and help deliver innovation that has the potential to transform society.

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