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Adapt Together team join the Researcher Academy


This month we are really pleased to be welcoming the Adapt Together programme to the Researcher Academy.

Adapt Together is a peer mentoring scheme created by postgraduate researchers. The groups provide an invaluable source of support for the researcher community, helping solve common issues, share best practice, and learn from other’s experiences. Any postgraduate researcher can join Adapt Together and either link into an existing group or create a group of their own in an area they are interested in.  

To celebrate the Adapt Together team joining the Researcher Academy, we will be hosting a launch event for postgraduates to meet the Adapt Together team and make connections with other people who are interested in joining.  We’ll also be holding an online welcome event for people who would prefer to engage online.  Please do come and join us at one of these events to learn more about the programme and meet like-minded researchers!

Best wishes

Sandra Rose, Postgraduate Welfare and EDI Officer, Researcher Academy

Posted on Wednesday 3rd November 2021

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