Electronic resources

Electronic resources

The University has a broad range of electronic resources that are of real value to pupils and teachers. These resources cover a variety of age groups and subjects, they either enrich or directly relate to the school curriculum.

Please see below for a selection of these resources, alongside recommendations for resources to find out more about Higher Education.


Business and economics


  • What is Economics?: a series of short videos providing an insight into what Economics students and staff get up to
  • Preferences for Truth-telling: a short clip showcasing research conducted by academics at the University of Nottingham
  • Key to English Place-Names:  Learn about the history of your local area through place-names! KEPN is a tool that provides a comprehensive guide to the roots of place-names across England
  • Learning Landscape through Language: Explore how landscape was viewed in the past and how it was shaped by people living and working locally with these resources for Key Stage 2 students
  • East Midlands Viking Museum: Find out about the Vikings in the East Midlands through artefacts, place-names and runes in this virtual museum.  You can also download Viking broach designs to use in the classroom
Science and engineering


National Scientific Thinking Challenge: This completly free for schools and an online test devised by experienced science educators to encourage thinking and enjoyment in Year 10 students. It will take place during the last week of April 2023.




  • Build a virus in this interactive learning package that helps early KS3 pupils understand the dynamics of the current pandemic
  • Build a worm in this fun, yet informative, activity which will allow early KS3 pupils to investigate how parasites can make us ill
  • Investigate engaging case studies to learn how scientists use their knowledge of genetics to decode and cure different viruses, such as COVID and Giardia



Veterinary Medicine

  • Vet in a box: Vet Team in a box is a is a complete secondary school lesson in a box here students will participate in ‘real-life’ veterinary scenarios, performing diagnostic tests similar to those used to diagnose real animals and interpreting scientific evidence
Online schooling




Business and economics


The School of Economics has made a series of short videos providing an insight into what it's students and staff get up to, what an economics degree entails and how some of the research done by the School’s academics can be understood in the real world.



History, Archaeology and Classics


Classical Civilisation and Ancient History

History of Art


Media, Languages and Culture
Veteterinary Medicine


Science and engineering


Computer science

  • The School of Computer Science invites you to the Ada Lovelace Day 2020 celebration on the 14th of October. 
  • The Ada Lovelace Day is a worldwide celebration of women's achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. https://adalovelaceday.wordpress.com/




  • Explore 'Why is a pill a pill?' in this interactive learning package that investigates the different formualtions of medicine and why some vaccines need to be injected

Physics and Astronomy

Foundations of Science or Undergraduate Degrees

Social sciences


Hear what our students have to say about our modules across our Politics and International Relations courses.

Online IR archives covering:


  • Gain an insight into the optional modules available at year two in the School of Sociology and Social Policy: module videos

  • Professor Andrew Murphy presents a Social Work course overview for you to explore the course content in more detail and understand social work ethics

The UnBias project 

The UnBias project is an interdisciplinary research team from the Universities of Nottingham, Oxford and Edinburgh, focused on understanding young peoples' attitudes, concerns and recommendations for change when using the internet.  

They have produced a number of tools aimed to promote awareness about how algorithms shape online experiences: 

Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy


Mathematical Sciences




Libraries' Learning Development
Explore higher education 
Experience the University of Nottingham

Campus tours

  • Virtual Tour: Explore all three of our award winning UK campuses in 360 degree images and videos 


360 building tours

 Student experience videos