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Electronic resources

Electronic resources

The University has a broad range of electronic resources that are of real value to pupils and teachers. These resources cover a variety of age groups and subjects, they either enrich or directly relate to the school curriculum.

Please see below for a selection of these resources, alongside recommendations for resources to find out more about Higher Education.


Business and economics


  • What is Economics?: a series of short videos providing an insight into what Economics students and staff get up to
  • Preferences for Truth-telling: a short clip showcasing research conducted by academics at the University of Nottingham 
Science and engineering




Online schooling




Business and economics


The School of Economics has made a series of short videos providing an insight into what it's students and staff get up to, what an economics degree entails and how some of the research done by the School’s academics can be understood in the real world.



Media, Languages and Culture
Medical sciences

Science and engineering


Computer science


Physics and Astronomy


Social sciences

The UnBias project 

The UnBias project is an interdisciplinary research team from the Universities of Nottingham, Oxford and Edinburgh, focused on understanding young peoples' attitudes, concerns and recommendations for change when using the internet.  

They have produced a number of tools aimed to promote awareness about how algorithms shape online experiences: 

Explore higher education 
Experience the University of Nottingham

Campus tours

  • Virtual Tour: Explore all three of our award winning UK campuses in 360 degree images and videos 


360 building tours

 Student experience videos