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Editing DH Lawrence

This exhibition runs from 3rd February to 29th May in the Weston Gallery, Lakeside Arts.

DH Lawrence is an iconic figure in English literature, but also one of the most controversial. He struggled with publishers throughout his career to express himself in the form he wanted. Drawing on a range of items including manuscripts and typescripts, and rare first editions, this exhibition traces the ways in which his writing was amended and censored, and the innovative approaches to publishing he developed in response to censorship. 

Image of Frieda Lawrence, DH Lawrence and 3 others in Mexico, 1923


Frieda Lawrence, DH Lawrence, and others, near Mexico City, 1923. Lawrence Collection, La Z 4/1/22 


In this online version of the exhibition you can read a selection of the exhibition boards, embark on a virtual walk through Nottingham inspired by Sons and Lovers, read about the different ways Lawrence’s work was edited, and learn more about our Lawrence collections. 

A series of events are taking place in connection with the exhibition. Details and links to booking information are below.

Editing DH Lawrence is curated by Manuscripts and Special Collections and Dr Andrew Harrison, Director of the DH Lawrence Research Centre in the School of English at the University of Nottingham, with contributions by Emeritus Professor John Worthen.


Exhibition themes

DH Lawrence’s changing literary identity, and the shifts in his reputation, can be traced through his conflicted interactions with the literary marketplace, and through the various posthumous editions of his work.

Six exhibition boards will be on display in the Gallery, detailing DH Lawrence’s interactions with publishers and editors, and the way his work was amended and censored both during and after his lifetime. For those who want to read ahead two of the boards can be downloaded or viewed online as Adobe PDFs. For copyright reasons it has not possible to include the images used on the boards and text only versions are displayed here instead. 


DHL self portrait

Editing DH Lawrence 

Conflict with Publishers

Photograph of DH Lawrence with Martin Secker, La Phot 1/46

Conflict with Publishers


 Accessing items from our collections

Items from our collections are available to consult in the Manuscripts and Special Collections reading room on King's Meadow Campus.

You can search our catalogues to find items in the manuscript and printed collections relating to DH Lawrence. 


Short films and tours

A Walk Through Nottingham...

A recreation of an extract from Lawrence's Sons and Lovers detailing Mrs Morel's journey into Nottingham with her son Paul, on their way to a job interview with a factory owner.


Watch our series of short films introducing items from the exhibition...

 Sneak peak at Editing DH Lawrence

 DH Lawrence's poncho


John Galsworthy and The Rainbow


From the blog

Read our series of blog posts on the DH Lawrence Collection


Photograph of DH Lawrence, La Phot 1-19Volunteer Buxi Duan talks about his experience cataloguing part of the DH Lawrence Collection. 

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Dorothy Brett

Photograph of Dorothy Brett, For L 2-5-4Looking at the painter and friend of Lawrence, Dorothy Brett

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Detail from an artwork by DH Lawrence, La D 1-6-6PhD student Gregory Walker explores literary censorship. 

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Digital Gallery

Explore our Gallery of digitised images of Lawrence, his work and his family and acquaintances.

These galleries will be added to throughout the exhibition so check back for updates. 





A series of talks held in the Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts. Tickets are £3 (free concessions) and can be booked online at or by calling the Lakeside Box Office on 0115 846 7777.

Recordings will be available here shortly after the talk. 

Editing Magnus

Thursday 7 April, 1-2pm

Professor John Worthen explores the editing process - using the example of his own work on Lawrence's Memoir of Maurice Magnus. Manuscripts and Special Collections have recently acquired Maurice Magnus' original typescript, Dregs, for which Lawrence wrote his memoir and the talk will consider the implications of access to this.

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Editing Eastwood for the Stage

Tuesday 10 May, 1-2pm

Professor James Moran details Lawrence's skill in preparing work for the theatre, pointing to the way that Lawrence's plays draw on the author's day-to-day life in Eastwood as well as the theatrical models provided by playwrights such as Ibsen and Hauptmann. 

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"What do I care for first or last editions?": DH Lawrence, Editing and Editions

Dr Andrew Harrison addresses Lawrence's interactions with editors, printers and publishers, and casts an eye over the many editions of Lawrence which have circulated both during his lifetime and subsequently. 

This talk was recorded on 9 February 2022.

Drawing in Words, Writing in Images


Writers often express themselves not only in words, but images. Dr Rebecca Moore discusses the visual works of various writers, including DH Lawrence and Evelyn Waugh, and how these shed light onto the often-overlooked talents of some of the most revered authors.

This talk was recorded on 8 March 2022


Further Reading 

The DH Lawrence Collection held by Manuscripts and Special Collections forms one of the major international research resources for the study of DH Lawrence (1885-1930). It contains many fascinating manuscript and typescript documents which show Lawrence’s editing process, including examples from his short story Odour of Chrysanthemums, set around Brinsley Colliery in Nottinghamshire.  

Explore our webpages about Lawrence and the Collection.

Look back at our previous Lawrence exhibition 'The Many Lives of DH Lawrence' [2012]


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