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Florence Nightingale Comes Home

Graphic displaying the exhibition title Florence Nightingale Comes HomeCelebrating Nightingale's 200th Birthday - From Home!

May 12th is Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday and we had intended to have an exhibition in our Weston Gallery, celebrating the founder of modern nursing. As that is not possible we are bringing you this online version of the exhibition - where you can read a selection of the exhibition boards, turn the pages of our virtual scrapbook, explore a gallery of Crimean War photographs and learn more about the connection between Nightingale and local landowner and politician Henry Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle, whose family home was Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire. 

The exhibition in the Weston Gallery will go ahead at a later date - more information will be given here once we have it.

Florence Nightingale Comes Home is curated by Manuscripts and Special Collections and the Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded Nightingale Comes Home project team at the University of Nottingham. 



Florence Nightingale carte de visite_web versionCarte de visite of Florence Nightingale by William Edward Kilburn, c.1856

From a private collection.


When Florence Nightingale returned from the Crimean War she was a national celebrity, one whose fame has endured to this day. But who was Florence Nightingale and what had led her to the war in the first place?

This exhibition sheds new light on the Lady with the Lamp. It explores her family roots in Derbyshire, and her work after the Crimean War to improve sanitary conditions in homes. 




Professor Paul Crawford reflects on why Florence Nightingale is still important today




Take a sneak peak at some of the items that will be on display in the Gallery





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