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From the Weston Gallery

To extend access to our exhibition programme we have created online versions of some previous Weston Gallery exhibitions.

These condensed adaptations consist of a series of pages based on the display boards plus a selection of the exhibits.

13-17774m-72dpiLiving Letters

Correspondence then and now

1222_PandP_InstaFB Post 1080x19202Plants and Prayers

Exploring medicine, health care and healing before 1700

KIPwebsitecropKnowledge is Power

Celebrating 100 years since Prof Robert Peers was appointed the first professor of adult education.


Last orders sliceLast Orders

Stories of alcohol and abstinence in the East Midlands

Editing DH Lawrence exhibition web advertEditing DH Lawrence

The ways in which DH Lawrence's writing was amended and censored.

Beyond the Mayflower exhibition logo

Beyond the Mayflower

Religious dissent and tolerance in Nottinghamshire and beyond

Florence Nightingale exhibition logo

Florence Nightingale Comes Home

In 2020 we celebrated 200 years since her birth



Go to the Fully Fashioned exhibition

Fully Fashioned

Archival remnants of the textile trade

George IV

Georgian Delights

Life during the reign of George IV (1820-1830)

Romantic Facts and Fantasies

Romantic Facts and Fantasies

Culture and Heritage of the Romantic Age, c. 1780-1840

Tree struck by lightning


'To Slowly Trace The Forest's Shady Scene'


Selection of Elections poster-crop

A Selection of Elections

Votes, suffrage and reform

From Rags to Witches - The grim tale of children's stories

From Rags to Witches

The grim tale of children's stories

Danelaw Saga Bringing Vikings Back to the East Midlands

Danelaw Saga

Bringing Vikings Back to the East Midlands

Bookcase image

Collected Words

From the literary collections at the University of Nottingham


Threads of Empire: Rule and resistance in colonial India 1740-1840

Threads of Empire

Rule and resistance in colonial India 1740-1840


Weather Extremes

Making and breaking records in Nottinghamshire

Francis Willughby (1635-72)

Francis Willughby (1635-72)

A Natural Historian and his Collections

Grand Tourists and Others

Grand Tourists and Others

Grand Tourists and Others: Travelling Abroad Before the 20th Century


Inspiring Beauty

Inspiring Beauty

80 Years of Making Up the Modern Woman

Going Global

Going Global

A history of The University of Nottingham 

Charging Against Napoleon exhibition

Charging Against Napoleon

Wellington's Campaigns and Waterloo

Image taken from the poster for 'Walking the Tightrope', depicting a cartoon-style drawing os a girl and her grandfather balancing on a tightrope against an orange sky.

Playing Around

Taking Theatre to Communities across the East Midlands


George Green exhibition poster

George Green

Nottingham's Magnificent Mathematician

All Quiet in the Weston Gallery

All Quiet in the Weston Gallery

The First World War

Nottinghamshire's People

Nottinghamshire's People

Ancestral Stories from the Archives


Balls, Boots and Players

Celebrating 500 Years of Nottingham High School in its Community


Go to The Many Lives of D H Lawrence exhibition

The Many Lives of D H Lawrence

Battle of the biographers

Proud father and baby, Derbyshire 1949

Mothers and Midwives

A History of Maternity in the East Midlands

Poster for the New State of England exhibition

The New State of England

The Glorious Revolution and its Aftermath

Saints, Sinners and Storytellers exhibition

Saints, Sinners and Storytellers

Medieval Wollaton Manuscripts


Go to the Gladstone exhibition page

W.E. Gladstone

The Grand Old Man in Nottinghamshire

Go the the Laxton exhibition


Farming in an open field village

Go to the Windows On War website

Windows on War

Soviet War Posters 

Go to the From Parchment to Pixels exhibition

From Parchment to Pixels

Collections at the University of Nottingham


Go to the War, Women & Survival exhibition

War, Women and Survival

Sometimes it takes courage to survive 

Go to the D H Lawrence exhibition

DH Lawrence at Nottingham

A literary legacy

Go to The Bawdy Court exhibition

The Bawdy Court

Views of community life in 16th/17th century Nottinghamshire 

Go to the Nottingham Park exhibition

Nottingham Park

From ducal estate to urban residence



Go to the Icelandic Literature exhibition

Ice, Fire and Northern Myths

Icelandic literature 








Spotlight on The Wollaton Antiphonal...

Go to The Wollaton Antiphonal Turning Pages

The Wollaton Antiphonal

Turn the pages of The Wollaton Antiphonal 



Focus on...

Our ‘focus on’ exhibitions provide an introduction to particular themes or subject areas.

Go to the Focus on Sport exhibition


Exercise through the centuries

Go to the Focus on Robin Hood exhibition

Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest

Ballads, literature, and the historical context 

Go to Spotlight on Slavery

Spotlight on Slavery

The slave trade over the centuries 


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