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All Quiet in the Weston Gallery

This exhibition ran between the 9 May and the 17 August.

2014 saw the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

This exhibition looked at the war through the eyes of the people who experienced it - from the soldier on the battlefield to the worker in the munitions factory, from the volunteer nurse to the wife and mother, and from the British ‘Tommy’ to the German ‘Fritz’.

All Quiet in the Weston Gallery exhibition

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Listen to audio recordings of the lunchtime talks given by external speakers that accompanied the exhibition.

Exhibition poster

All Quiet in the Weston Gallery exhibition poster

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Exhibition themes

The exhibition boards which were displayed in the Weston Gallery are available to download:

The boards looked at different perspectives on the First World War and examined its impact on different areas of society.

In particular they look at how patriotism was used as a propaganda tool and the way in which pacifists were portrayed, how prisoners of war were housed and the war's effect on literature. A case study is also made on the war's different effects on three ordinary families.

Visitor comments

Evocative and informative. A fitting tribute.

We had an amazing time. It was exquisite and beautifully presented.

I really enjoyed looking at the photos and reading some diaries. Very interesting.

Fantastic exhibition.

Very moving.

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