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Lunchtime talks

Listen to audio recordings of the lunchtime talks that accompanied the exhibition. These talks were given by guest speakers and recorded in a large auditorium; the use of headphones is recommended.

Audio recordings

Cigarettes, Soldiers, Sailors and the British Home Front: the war and the tobacco industry

Emeritus Professor Chris Wrigley looks at the ubiquitous presence of tobacco during the First World War and the war's impact on the tobacco industry.

Audio recorded 20 May 2014

"Why I changed my name and did my duty"- one family's experience of WW1

Emeritus Professor Malcolm Jones looks at how the experience of individual soldiers could vary immensely, as illustrated by the stories of the three Vince brothers and their families.

Audio recorded 25 June 2014

The First World War: a test of manhood or the collapse of humanity?

Professor Roger Woods of the German department explores how German autobiographical accounts written in the Weimar years by nationalists, communists, pacifists and deserters cut across this divide to reveal surprisingly similar mentalities.

Audio recorded 24 July 2014. 


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