Essential Information for Campus Visits

Essential Information for Campus Visits

This page provides essential information to help you prepare for your visit to our campus. Please read through each section carefully and contact us if you have any further queries.

Travel Information


You are responsible for booking transport to and from our campus visit days, and we recommend you arrange this as soon as you know the date a campus visit is taking place.

Campus Directions

Please follow the links below to find detailed information of how to get to our University of Nottingham campuses.

University Park Campus

Jubilee Campus

Sutton Bonington

The majority of our events take place on University Park Campus, but some of our visits take place on Jubilee Campus or Sutton Bonington Campus.

The location of your visit event will be communicated to you via email by our team. Please see the maps below for directions whilst you are on our campuses.

University Park Campus Map 

Jubilee Campus Map

Sutton Bonington Campus Map

Travelling by coach

The member of our team leading your campus visit will email you prior to the day of the visit and inform you of the most suitable location for your coach to drop off.

Please ensure your coach driver is aware of this drop-off location, as this is where our team and student ambassadors will meet you. Please call us if you are running more than 5 minutes late, a mobile number will have been shared with you.

Coaches are not permitted to park on campus for the duration of your visit, therefore we ask for your group to be dropped off, and for the coach to leave the campus. If needed, coaches can park for free at the Queen's Drive Park and Ride (NG2 1RS).

Please ensure your coach driver is aware of the pick-up time and location and that it may not be the same as the drop-off location.

Travelling by tram

Some schools choose to travel to our campus visits by tram. This is only possible for visits taking place on our University Park Campus due to the locations of tram stops.

Our team can inform you in advance which is the most appropriate tram stop to get off at, depending where on campus your sessions are taking place. However, for most visits the University of Nottingham tram stop will be appropriate, which brings you on to campus at the South Entrance.

Our team and student ambassadors will meet you at the tram stop at the arranged time.

Parking on campus

Most of our events do not require visitor parking, however, there are visitor car parks where they may be needed. These are marked by a P symbol on campus maps.

RingGo cashless parking or pay & display tickets are required for visitors when parking on university campuses between 9.15am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these times, parking on campus is free for visitors.

Travel bursaries

To provide financial support for your journey to our campus, you are welcome to apply for our travel bursary.

Our travel bursary provides schools with reimbursement of up to 30% of the cost of travel.

For more detailed information regarding the travel bursary process, please see our Travel bursaries page.


What is your role?

students with staff in classroom setting

Before a campus visit

You will have been sent a booking form to complete. We ask that this is completed within the provided timeframe. In addition, our team will email you about the event specifics, please ensure you are responsive to these communications.

Arrange your transport to our campus.

Some visits will have individual requirements such as pupils needing to be in pre-arranged groups.

Ensure you read any risk assessments we share with you to ensure that pupils and school staff are adhering to guidance on the visits.

Ensure pupils and staff are aware that they need to bring a packed lunch and a re-fillable water bottle.

During a campus visit

We encourage you to sit with the pupils and to participate in activities and discussions, this will encourage your pupils to do the same.

It is your responsibility to monitor and manage behaviour during all elements of the visits. So please ensure all pupils have adequate supervision throughout the day. This includes supervising pupils on toilet trips.

During all elements of the visit, please ensure risk assessment guidance is being adhered to by pupils and school staff. Please make us aware if you have any concerns regarding health and safety.

Throughout the activities please re-inforce our positive messaging about university.

During our campus tours

The majority of our visit days include a campus tour, which is led by our current students.

Our campus tours are designed to showcase a real university environment to pupils, and typically include visiting a library and the Student's Union.

Each tour must be accompanied by at least one school staff member to ensure pupil engagement and to manage behaviour.

Please prepare staff and pupils to expect a lot of walking, as our campuses are large and tours can last for up to an hour. Therefore suitable footwear is advised, and any mobility requirements should to be communicated to our team in advance. Weather appropriate clothing and necessities such as sun cream are also advised as we do still run tours in most weather conditions.

On some visits, pupils and visiting school staff will be required to carry their belongings whilst on tours, so we advise them only bringing what is essential to the visit and what they can carry.

After a campus visit

We encourage you to take part in our additional activities, to enhance pupils knowledge and understanding of university.

Most visits are followed by in-school sessions, please ensure you have those dates and times and respond to any correspondence regarding those.

Following the completion of programmes, we ask for school staff to provide feedback to us. Please ensure this is completed to help us continually monitor and improve our activities.


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