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Nanotechnologist Richard Jones addresses STS Priority Group on responsible innovation

Richard Jones and PVS Chris Rudd

Richard Jones with PVC Chris Rudd and guests

The Science, Technology and Society Priority Group (STS PG) recently hosted prominent nanotechnologist Professor Richard Jones. Richard, who is Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the University of Sheffield, gave a wide-ranging lecture exploring the history of nanotechnology, the relationship between scientists and society, and discussed how lessons from the nanotechnology ‘boom’ might be applied to other emerging technologies, such as synthetic biology.

Professor Reiner Grundmann, STS PG’s new chair, commented, “Richard gave a very rich and exciting talk, drawing on his intimate knowledge of the field but also interpreting recent developments through the lens of STS scholarship… He shows that ‘nanotechnology’ comprises a wide variety of technologies, products, and visions, many of which are not more than hype... Richard also addressed the idea of responsible innovation and questioned the liberal idea that the autonomy of science would serve society’s needs best. Rather, a societal discourse is needed in which public deliberation looms large.”

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Posted on Tuesday 16th October 2012

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