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Over the years, the STS Priority Group has supported a range of public lectures, conferences and seminars, including a weekly seminar series led by students from the Institute for Science and Society

We are making an effort to record and publish multimedia from these events. Below is a selection, with more to follow.

Circling the Square conferences on science, politics and media

Videos and slides are stored on our bespoke conference blog site

Public lectures 

Professor Richard Owen, 'Responsible Research and Innovation: from nice words to meaningful action' (January 2015) 

Professor Mike Hulme, 'The Public Life of Climate Change, The First 25 Years' (February 2014)

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, ‘The fifth paradigm: open innovation, open data and augmented intelligence’ (November 2013)

Lord Deben (John Selwyn Gummer), ‘Water: A Victorian Vision, Today’s Reality’ (December 2012)

Professor Richard Jones, 'Responsible innovation – some lessons from nanotechnology' (October 2012)

Rick Borchelt, 'The Science of Science Communication: Provocative Questions for a New Research Agenda' (August 2012)

Making Science Public launch event

A range of panel discussions and lectures from the day (February 2013)

Institute for Science and Society seminar series

Slides and video from the ISS weekly seminar series (October 2013 to Present)   

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