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Amy Gibbons obtained a first class honors in BA Criminology at the University of Lincoln in 2019, followed by a distinction in MA Criminology and Criminal justice also at the University of Lincoln in 2020. Her research at the University of Nottingham explores the environmental and ecological injustices as a result of localized animal agriculture pollution in rural Lincolnshire and the regulatory challenges surrounding this.

Within the school, Amy is a member of the ENQUIRE editorial blog team, as well as a member of the Crime and Justice Research Centre the Institute of Science and Society and the Wellbeing, Health and Social Care Research Centre.

Recent Publications

Past Research

Amy's masters dissertation, which obtained a first class mark, explored the ecological disorganization and human rights abuses caused by The Coca-Cola Company in Latin America, using Mexico and Colombia as case studies, to highlight crimes and harms of the powerful and the damage capitalism causes upon people and the planet, as well as acknowledging the power southern theory holds when seeking alternatives. Her undergraduate dissertation, which also obtained a first class mark and is published in the University of Lincoln's library, focused on recognizing non-human animals as victims through a non-speciest lens, using the example of the industrialized meat industry, ultimately arguing to abolish such corporations as well as moving forward to provide non-human animals with legal person hood rather than being seen as commodities and property to be owned.

Amy has also conducted funded research into young women's attitudes towards terrorism and extremism which allowed her to publish her first article, as well as travel across Europe after a successful Santander grant application whilst completing her undergraduate degree. She has also worked in collaboration with Crimestoppers in order to help university students reduce their chances of victimization by creating the #staysafe project which intended to help create a program to be rolled across universities within the East Midlands.

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