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Julia Evetts

Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences



For number of years Professor Evetts has been researching and writing about professions and occupations including women's and men's careers in teaching, banking and science and engineering in industrial organisations.

She has worked on projects to do with the armed forces, journalism, foster care and social work. She is currently working on the increased use of the concept of professionalism as a mechanism of occupational change and social control in work organisations; and the role of the scientific and engineering institutes in the UK.

She has extensive experience of policy, practice, evaluation and assessment in the field of sociology of professional groups, practitioners and clients. This is a field in which she has an established international reputation and has contributed extensively both conceptually and theoretically as well as empirically.

In 2010 it was announced by Sage Publications that her 2003 paper published in International Sociology was the highest cited and down-loaded paper in the two ISA sociology journals.


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  • 2003 Conceptual and Comparative Studies of Continental and Anglo-American Professions (eds) with Lennart G. Svensson. Goteborg Studies in Sociology No 129, Goteborg University. pp. 177.

Journal papers

  • 2010 'Revisiting the Role of Formal and Practical Knowledge from a Sociology of the Professions Perspective'. Current Sociology 58(1): 94-118. With Samo Pavlin and Ivan Svetlik. January.
  • 2009 'New Professionalism and New Public Management: changes, continuities and consequences'. Comparative Sociology 8: pp.247-266, Koninklijke Brill NV: Leiden.
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