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Solving Problems and Improving Lives.
We will solve problems and improve lives through education, research and knowledge exchange of the highest quality, through application to local and global challenges and through preparing our students to lead rich and fulfilling lives, thriving in the rapidly changing world of work.
Supporting Potential.
We will recruit students and staff with the highest potential and a desire to succeed, and we will support them to ensure they achieve their goals. We will work with local communities in our region and beyond to identify and encourage people who would benefit from our education. We will put measures in place to ensure that we eliminate the attainment gaps between students from diverse backgrounds and embed equality in our decisions about staff recruitment, reward and progression.
Developing the Campus Experience.
We will cherish the natural environment and beauty of our campuses while building on Nottingham’s reputation as an outstanding campus university. We will develop our campuses to answer the contemporary needs of staff and students for: new kinds of spaces; a secure and inclusive environment that supports the wellbeing of the community; an education that is more than a degree; and a rich and stimulating social, cultural and sporting life, open to all. While we will not grow our on-campus student populations significantly, we will reach out to new potential students across the world, attracting those who wish to access online resources, continuing professional development and lifelong learning.
Cultivating a Global Mindset.
We have a global perspective and will evolve further our principle of being one university with campuses in three countries. In order to respond to the increasing complexities of globalisation, we will build on our success by cultivating a global mindset among our staff and students. We will provide an international experience for everyone, whether or not they leave their local campuses. This will include deepening our exceptional international research and teaching partnerships, refining our curricula in the light of new global demands, providing appropriate mobility opportunities for students, and creating an on-campus culture of positive interaction among people from different parts of the world.
Fostering Creativity, Discovery and Experiment.
Our staff, students and graduates are known for a willingness to experiment and innovate. We will foster an appetite for enterprise and creativity, celebrating new discoveries, tackling societal challenges and equipping our students with the curiosity, entrepreneurialism and emotional intelligence to enable them to be innovators and problem solvers. We will develop incentives to ensure people are empowered to experiment without fear of failure; we will develop curricula and extra-curricular opportunities that extend student skills; and we will draw on the expertise of our staff and students to solve our own problems and to engage with external challenges.
Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.
We will make an outstanding contribution to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our research and education, our engagement with partners and our behaviour on campus and in our communities. We will place a special emphasis on environmental sustainability, supporting the City of Nottingham’s desire to be a net zero carbon city by 2028 and working with partners in China and Malaysia to improve sustainability within their regions.
Embedding Collaboration in all that we do.
We will endeavour to become a university without borders, reaching out to our students, to our alumni and to our civic partners, industry, governments and citizens to ensure our research and education is developed in collaboration with our stakeholders and that we are recognised for the many benefits we provide to society. We will also promote a borderless principle within the university, encouraging collaboration across structural and cultural boundaries to improve our performance and effectiveness.