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Strategic Delivery Plans

The new University Strategy was launched in December 2019. To support implementation of the strategy in the coming years, it has been agreed that we will develop a number of Strategic Delivery Plans to ensure that our Strategy becomes a lived reality for the University. The strategy will also be embedded within the University’s Annual Business Planning Cycle and the Appraisal and Development Conversation, as well as through many other events and activities.

What are Strategic Delivery Plans?

They are plans aligned to the strategy which identify how the values, goals, enablers and cross cutting issues will be taken forward.

Priorities for all Strategic Delivery Plans have been developed throughout 2020, taking into account learning from the management of the pandemic during the year. These will form the basis of the full SDPs which will be published throughout 2021.


The model for Strategic Delivery Plans is detailed in the diagram below.

Download the model diagram (pdf)

Strategic Delivery Plans will follow a similar structure and:

  • have the vision and values of the University strategy embedded into them
  • be developed on a tri-campus basis as appropriate
  • have a strategic lead and agreed Committee oversight, through which progress in implementation and against KPIs will be measured
  • follow an agreed template, including having a SMART action plan and KPIs (linked to the University Performance Framework)
  • provide direction for Faculties and Professional Service Departments in supporting implementation across the University
  • consider all cross-cutting issues from the University Strategy
  • include timescales for the implementation and review of the plan

Strategic Delivery Plans will be developed throughout 2020 and published on the strategy web pages below once agreed. Further information on the plans and their development is available from

Strategic Delivery Plans