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If you are looking for information on financial support for students and have been unable to find it on our website, please search the below FAQs.


The Core Bursary is a grant awarded to home fee status undergraduate students, eligibility for which depends on factors including household income and the course you are attending.

The application process is straightforward. Please refer to the 'how do I get my bursary?' page for further information.

We may be able to help depending on your personal circumstances. Go to the Financial Support pages for further information.

As there are many different types of funding for different courses, please visit the Financial Support pages for more information and relevant links.


Details of funding offered by the University can be found on the bursaries and scholarships pages. Prospective international students should refer to the International Recruitment Scholarship pages.

Prospective postgraduate students can find more information on our Postgraduate Funding pages


They are opportunities for you to book a face-to-face meeting with a member of the Financial Support team through Microsoft Teams for help and advice about student funding, hardship funds and general funding queries.

For more information visit the Financial Support talk to us webpage.


In your first year you must have completed on-line registration and completed the University’s attendance confirmation process. The first payment should then be in your bank account (as advised to Student Finance) within three-five working days.

Second and subsequent year students should complete on-line registration and the first instalment should be in the advised bank account within a couple of days of the start of term.

If this does not happen please check that you have received a Notification Letter from Student Finance. If you have you should visit a Student Service Centre for help and advice about registration. If you have not yet received your letters then please wait until received before contacting staff for assistance, unless you are struggling financially (in which case please use the Enquire and Submit link on this portal to contact the Funding and Financial Support team).

For further information, please see visit our registration webpages and student funding webpages.



The University has to confirm your registration to the SLC to release your Masters/Doctoral Loan. However, due to the data checking that is required by the SLC, this confirmation can take up to three weeks from when you are fully registered with us for your course and from the start date of your course/year.

Payment will not be made until after the start date the SLC have recorded for your course/year.

For more information please visit our funding  postgraduates webpage


Where eligible, to apply for the Core Bursary you just need to submit your bank details via the Nottingham Hub.

In order to receive your Core Bursary for the academic year in question, the deadline for doing this is the last day of that academic year. In 2021/22, this is 17th June 2022.

For more information please visit the core bursary assessment procedure and bursary FAQs


In 2021/22, the bursary payments will be made in three, approximately equal, instalments.

You can expect to receive your payments on or around 2nd November 2021, 14th January 2022 and 6th May 2022.

For more information please visit the bursary FAQs


If you are not eligible for a Core Bursary and find you are experiencing financial difficulties then, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get help from the support funds we administer.

For further information please visit our Support Funds pages 

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