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We have webpages specifically relating to processes for research students. If your question isn’t answered there, please search the below FAQs.


Students whose Programmes of Study allow will be transferred to the thesis pending period at the end of registered study if they have successfully passed their final annual review and have not submitted their thesis for examination.

Registering in thesis pending may allow you to be exempt from Council Tax. You should always check with your individual Council as to their exemptions. Some sponsors of international students also require their students to register in thesis pending.

Full time students who are eligible for a thesis pending period should download and complete the Registration in Thesis Pending form. Late applications will not be accepted. Once you have completed the form, it should be sent or handed in to one of the Student Service Centres. If you have any queries about this please contact Student Services for further details.
The fee rises on an annual basis. Please see the Tuition Fees pages for further information.
Normally full time students - one year. Part time students - two years. Full time Doctorate students are required to submit their thesis within four years of their start date (eight years for part time students). Full time MPhil students are required to submit their thesis within three years of their start date (six years for part time students). If you have had a registered period of study more than three years full time or six years part time, your thesis pending period will be reduced accordingly.
Upon receipt of your completed Notification of submission of thesis form, Student Services will ask your School to nominate examiners. When approved, we will email you with the names of your examiners, asking you to declare any possible conflict of interest.
It is the responsibility of the Internal Examiner to arrange the viva voce examination and it is therefore important that you keep him/her advised of your contact details.
Examples of circumstances which would normally lead to an approval of an extension are given in the Quality Manual.

The relevant form including a submission plan/timeline should be completed and submitted to Student Services along with any evidence of extenuating circumstances for consideration. You will be notified in writing as soon as a decision has been made.

The fee for an agreed extension to the thesis pending period can be found in the fee schedule.

The resubmission period is one year from the date formal written notification is sent to you by Student Services. The fee for thesis re-submission is updated annually; see the fee schedule for the current fee.
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