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Information on timetables is available on our website. If your question isn’t answered there, please search the below FAQs.


There are three ways to view your timetable, all accessible via the Teaching Timetable homepage

  • MyCal which is an online calendar accessible through google, Office 365 and Apple calendars.
  • The MyNottingham app which can be downloaded from your phone or tablets app store.
  • The master online timetable viewable on the University website. This is where you can view module timetables as well as your own personal timetable.

You'll need your main University username and password to view your timetable. New students will normally have this once they have completed Registration.


On all devices you will need to enable pop-ups for this site which may be indicated by a "no entry" symbol in the top right corner of your browser.

It is possible that some content on your student record needs to be updated and we will need to investigate this for you, please contact a Student Service Centre and we will look into this for you .

Once changes are made to your student record, your timetable will automatically update. This usually happens within 3 working days, but at peak times can take up to 5 working days. If after this time your change is still not visible, please contact a Student Service Centre so that we can follow it up for you.

If there is a difference between what is shown on the master online timetable and MyCal this is because there is a delay of 6-8 hours in the information updating when a change has been made. This will update automatically and you do not need to let us know about it.

To report an issue please fill in the online enquiry form with as much detail as possible.


Please ensure that you have selected your full set of modules  via online module enrolment and if you have recently amended a module or completed a change of mind form then it will take up to 5 working days for these changes to be reflected on your timetable.

If you have not yet selected all of your modules your timetable will remain incomplete until you do. Once you have made selections your timetable will then update automatically. At the start of term we recommend that you check your timetable every day to look out for any changes, particularly to times or locations.

If you are missing a module that is delivered by the Language Centre, your timetable will populate once you have completed your language centre assessment and you are assigned to an approved group.

Should you still have a query about missing modules please fill in the timetable enquiry form and we will investigate and get back to you.



To request a seminar change please complete the Timetable enquiry form and include the following information:

  • The module code for the seminar you want to move
  • Which day and time you’d like to move from (e.g. Tutorial on Monday at 3pm)
  • Available times
  • Reason for the change. Please be advised that you may be asked to provide evidence to support your request to change due to some groups having specific student allocations, availability or capacity.

Please provide us with your details of the affected day via the Timetable enquiry form so that we can look into this for you.




We want you to have as much choice as possible but inevitably modules that you choose to take may be concurrently timetabled.

Can your clash be resolved by switching seminar groups?

  • If yes, please complete the Timetable enquiry form providing the module code for the seminar you want to move, the day and time of the clash, we will then look to move this for you. All changes will be automatically reflected on your timetable within 5 working days.

Is the clash caused by an optional module choice?

  • If yes, then you may need to change your optional module. This can be done on the online module enrolment form or if you need advice about your options in person at a Student Services Centre.

Is your clash caused by two restricted modules?

  • If yes, then you may need to amend your restricted option choice. This can be done on the online module enrolment form, or if you need advice about your options, in person at a Student Services Centre.

Is your clash caused by two core modules?

  • If yes, please let us know as soon as possible so we can investigate this for you. The best way to do this is complete an Timetable enquiry form giving details of the modules which clash, any changes made will be automatically updated on your timetable.
  • Please note that personalised 2021/22 Autumn teaching timetables (MyNottingham, MyCal) will be available from 6th September for returning students.   




Your tutorials will populate the week before they start, which is normally in week 4.


Sessions are set to be taught so that they finish with enough time for you to travel to your next class on campus.

If you are required to change campuses and do not have enough time (Jubilee to University Park for example) please provide us with your details of the affected day via the Timetable enquiry form so that we can look into this for you. 


The convenors for your modules will be in touch via email about bringing you into the face to face class via a virtual means, if they do not get in touch before your first session please complete the Timetable Query Form and we will make them aware that you need to be contacted.


A lecture engagement session is a set time when the person or people delivering your pre-recorded online lectures will be available to discuss the content of the lecture and you can ask any questions.

Sometimes tutors will use the lecture engagement slot to deliver their lectures live.  

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