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Giving presentations

During your time at Nottingham you will probably be asked to give a number of oral presentations, on aspects of your studies, to your tutor and peers. These may be individual presentations or they may be done as part of a group. Presentations could be integral to how your seminars are organised or it could be a way of sharing the findings of your individual or group project work.

Learning how to give clear and informative talks is a key academic skill and one which will also serve you well in your future employment. Academic staff at the University are themselves asked to give short presentations when they discuss their research work at academic conferences. So you are likely to find them very understanding of the fact that many students find giving a presentation a little daunting and nerve racking.

This section includes suggestions for how you can develop your skills, cope with your nerves and get the most out of giving presentations. It includes:

Students presenting


Further reading

Studying at university

Types of teaching

Practical strategies for managing presentations

  • Presentations and posters
  • Preparation and planning including 'How to Mind Map'

more Academic Support study resources

People who can help

Talk to someone in your school or a specialist support service


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