University Professor of Mathematical Physics Gerardo Adesso teaching in the Coates Building, University Park. November 5th 2021.

How long does the application process take?

You’ve submitted your application, but when will you find out if you’ve been accepted into your dream university?

Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast rule when it comes to hearing back about your university application. However, we aim to respond within a couple of weeks, depending on your course. Here’s a rough overview of the application process and its timeline.

Step one - submitting your application

This part of the process largely depends on your own time management. If you have the time and focus, you could have your application submitted within a few weeks, working to UCAS deadlines.

Step two - processing your application

As soon as you submit your application, UCAS will send it to your chosen universities. They’ll then decide whether to make you an offer or not.

The journey your application makes once it's received by an institution varies slightly depending on both the university and the course, but typically it'll be seen by more than one pair of eyes – often by both general admissions staff and academic tutors.

Step three – interviews (circumstance dependant)

Depending on your chosen course, you may be invited to interview for your place. University interviews are used by admissions staff as a means of comparing applicants with a good chance of being offered places. Many Nottingham courses require interviews, however, not all courses need them.

Additional length may be added to the application process if you receive an invitation to interview. 

Step four – offers

We start making offers daily once applications open. All applications are processed in due course and can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks after submission, depending on demand.

When's the latest a university will reply to me by?

UCAS gives universities deadlines for making offers, but you could also hear back before these dates:

  • 19 May if you send your application by the 26 January deadline.
  • 14 July if you send your application by 30 June.
  • End of October if you've applied through Clearing.
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