Midwifery photoshoot. Photos by Alex Wilkinson Media. www.alexwilkinsonmedia.co.uk

Explore different clinical settings to excel as a midwife

At Nottingham, around 50% of your course is practice-based. Giving you the chance to gain real-life clinical experience of midwifery care.

As a passionate aspiring midwife, we know you understand the dedication required to care for pregnant women and deliver their babies.

We know the importance of exposure to a varied caseload, in real environments. That’s why with us you’ll work with

  • women and families in the home environment
  • community clinics
  • antenatal, labour and postnatal wards in hospitals 
  • maternity wards

Home and away placement model

You’ll undertake your placements across two NHS Hospital trusts (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire). This approach enables you to gain a wider perspective of the sector and understand the challenges families and healthcare professionals face across maternity services. 

Case holding scheme 

Not only that but you’ll also get the opportunity to follow a woman’s pregnancy journey throughout (you must choose a minimum of one).

We know you want to get stuck in and experience life as a working midwife and this scheme allows you to do that. You can even put yourself on call for labour and commit to being there at the labour and birth for that woman.

All of this is done under the supervision of a registered midwife. With support provided at each stage, this is an invaluable experience that will greatly prepare you for life as a registered midwife. 

Discover more about midwifery placements

Find out a bit more about the placements available to you as a midwifery student and the NHS trusts we work with.

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