Undergraduate students attending a Maths seminar in a Coates Building seminar room, University Park. november 5th 2021.

Shaping a modern mathematician

Our staff have worked with current students in developing a curriculum that is rich in mathematical topics you’ll love and helps you to develop workplace skills

To ensure our modules align with employers' needs, we have incorporated ideas from our students, alumni and industrial advisors. We are not teaching maths; we are developing modern mathematicians.  

From in-depth theory to real-world applications, our courses reflect the reality of the ever-evolving scientific world.  

Join us, and you won't graduate just with a degree – you'll emerge as a skilled problem-solver ready to meet the demands of today's job market.

Current students explain their role in transforming the maths curriculum


We’ve included a portfolio of group work, written assignments and coding to help develop some professional skills, as well as mathematical skills


Graduated Mathematics BSc student 2022

Learning beyond lectures

We ensure that you not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also develop the practical skills demanded by today's employers. 

Here’s some of the changes we have introduced to the degrees, to ensure you get the most out of your learning:

  • Interactive classes: Our classes are dynamic, interactive spaces where you actively participate in discussions, problem-solving, and collaborate with other students. Benefit from the expertise of academic staff who will help you take part in discussions, problem-solving, and practical sessions to reinforce your understanding

  • Practical applications: Maths is more than just theory. It is about solving real-world problems. Our degrees emphasize practical applications. This allows you to link mathematical concepts to tangible scenarios

  • Computing assignments: Some of your learning will be through computing assignments. This ensures you are well-prepared with the tools used by mathematicians in today’s workplace. From coding to simulations, these assignments give you hands-on experience to apply your learning 

  • Less reliance on exams: We recognise that true understanding often comes through application. Our courses incorporate coursework as well as exams 

  • Group project: During your third year you will complete a project with fellow students. You will collaborate to tackle complex issues together. This is a chance to develop teamwork skills that are invaluable in any career. It's not just about individual knowledge; it's about thriving in a collaborative environment

During your studies at Nottingham, you will follow a modern maths curriculum that prepares you for the challenges and opportunities of the real world.

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