Postgraduate students Christopher Lanyon (British); Hayley Mills - blonde (British) and Heather Collis red shirt (British) walking in the Mathematical sciences building atrium. May 2019 by Simon Litherland.

Maths: watch our student tour

Everything you need is in one place, making it easy to find.

The beauty of studying maths at Nottingham is that our dedicated building means most of the lecturers and your personal tutor are all based in one place – this makes finding your way around so much easier.  

The hub of the modern building is the Atrium which is often used for meeting friends or using the study spaces for a bit of extra work between lectures. Staff offices are based upstairs which is great for arranging appointments if you need to clarify something you’re not sure about or meeting with your tutor group.  

I feel I got to know my tutor really well so he knew when I was struggling and things like that.

Gabby Teriaca

BSc Mathematics

What’s more the George Green science library (complete with a café and a Starbucks!) is just a short stroll away. 

Let mathematics student Gabby show you around…   

Maths student Gabby takes us on a tour of the maths building and the facilities students use whilst studying here.

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David Oakley - British amd Tate Preston - British walking out of Aspire cafe in the Xu Yafen Building, Jubilee campus.