Undergraduate students exiting Nottingham Castle Nottingham City Centre - November 2021.Ela Moss (short blonde hair) and Elizabeth Harding (cream hat).

Five highlights of Nottingham city

The city has many highlights if you consider studying at the University of Nottingham.

If you're thinking of coming to to study in Nottingham, the first question people ask is: “what’s good about Nottingham?” Why should I go there and not any of the other destinations across the UK? What does Nottingham offer me as an individual?

Well, let’s take a look at five highlights and what the city has to offer.

1. Nightlife & Social

Almost everyone wants to know the city they’re going to has a buzzing nightlife with plenty of social activities. The good news is that Nottingham has this in spades! 

Nottingham has a wide selection of bars and nightclubs that cater to most people’s taste in beats and beverages. Nottingham strikes that fine balance between keeping its classic night spots going but also encouraging new spots into the city to give people a good choice of places to go at night.

Some of the famous night spots are:

Rock City: a great spot for indie bands and the general club experience.

Revolution: a classic Nottingham city bar that’s popular with students and seasoned Nottingham natives that enjoy a walk down memory lane.

Nottingham city also moves with the times – bringing its famous night spots with it. A good example of this is the recently renovated Broadway Cinema. Already a popular staple of Nottingham’s bustling nightlife with its arthouse cinema screenings, delicious food menu and swanky bar. After the pandemic, the venue bounced back with a vengeance with a completely revamped interior, bar and restaurant.

2. Food

On the topic of food, eating out is something almost everyone likes to do. Over the last decade, Nottingham has welcomed many new eclectic restaurants and food establishments. Being spoilt for choice was something you’d normally expect in capital cities like London, New York etc.

But Nottingham really stands out in this regard. Bringing you some great options you wouldn’t necessarily consider when eating out:

Turtle Bay

A bright and colourful celebration of Caribbean food: https://turtlebay.co.uk/

The Pudding Pantry

A dream come true for people with a sweet tooth: https://www.thepuddingpantry.co.uk/contact-us

Kitty Cafe

A café with great food and drink that doubles as a home for stray cats, rescue cats and even cats with medical issues: https://www.kittycafe.co.uk/

3. Green spaces and outdoors

Robin Hood’s tunic is green for a very good reason. Major cities tend to become concrete jungles. The greenery they do have usually ends up being restricted to a handful of parks. Nottingham has managed to hold onto its greenery throughout the years of development and urban expansion.

It’s important to be able to “get away from it all” and one of the popular ways to do that is to get out among the trees and the grass. Spending time in nature has proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Having a healthy balance between the intensity of city life and the tranquility of green spaces is beneficial for mental health – particularly at a time when anxiety and depression levels have increased a staggering 25% since the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s good to know that Nottingham provides its people with plenty of access to a range of green spaces to provide that balance.

4. Culture

Nottingham has its own signature cultural identity. Some cities can come across as trying to be like other popular cities but Nottingham doesn’t do that. It pulls from its history to create its own unique identity. And the resulting experience of a visit to Nottingham is unlike any other city you may have been to.

The Goose Fair began as a trading event for geese and other livestock around 1541. It’s now evolved into a popular, annual fairground attraction in celebration of the historical site. Many of Nottingham’s inhabitants look forward to the Goose Fair (if only for the delicious mushy peas) and you certainly feel as though everyone in Nottingham has come out to party!

5. Diversity

England has become incredibly cosmopolitan. Nottingham is incredibly well-integrated and diversity is evident right across residential neighborhoods. The influx of students into Nottingham’s higher education establishments bring even more people into the city from abroad.

You can now find supermarkets that cater to a range of international cultural cuisines: from Polish and Chinese to Indian and even Korean outlets.

The diversity in Nottingham is a key element that continues to shape the city for the better – keeping it fresh and forward-thinking about the future ahead.