Best places to eat at the University of Nottingham

Hungry? Don’t worry, there are plenty of dining options at the University of Nottingham. We’ll talk about the best places to refuel: on campus and in the city. 

The University of Nottingham gives you plenty of options to eat, with many of them on a budget.  Since no one likes a long wait when it comes to food, let’s dive right in. 

Best places to eat on campus:

These are the most popular places to grab a meal on campus according to students. 

Most popular: Mooch

The most popular place to eat on campus. And the most crowded at times. Possibly there’s a reason for this. Either way, the students love it. What’s the best to eat there? Burgers, sides, smoothies, milkshakes. 

Plant-based: Hendersons

Your vegan-friendly place to eat on campus, serving nachos, salads, burgers, curries, and wraps. 

Coffee and snack: Starbucks. 

No need for an introduction here: The trademark place to get your dose of caffeine, as well as wraps, toasties, paninis and other goodies. 

Chicken wraps: Love Joes

At Love Joes you can get a great meal deal with a wrap side and drink. As you might have already figured out, it’s all about chicken here. 

Some fast-food: 56

This is the place to go for an easy fast-food fix, with the usual most-wanted on the menu: burgers, fries and pizza. 

Catered Halls 

All Nottingham catered halls offer varied and healthy menus. You can eat up to 19 meals a week in an allocated hall of residence, with a flexible meal plan* that lets you eat at any of our cafes on University Park and Jubilee Campus.

Drinks and snacks

The bars located in the campus halls also serve some bites to eat. Paninis, sub rolls, nachos and salads are usually on the menu, but the food options don’t stop here. 

Wine and pasta: Vesper

With spaghetti, carbonara, penne, and meatballs, Vesper has everything a pasta fan could ever want. Even more, you can also find some tasty mac n cheese or lasagna on the menu. 

Burgers: Echo

Catering for vegetarians as well, they serve bean burgers, but also chicken and beef options. 

Curry: Latitude

They served a range of chicken curries, including korma, kotsu, tikka, and other chicken boxed meals. 

Don’t overlook the campus cafes

The perfect place to grab lunch on the go between lectures or study sessions. 

The library cafes

Both George Green Library and Hallward Library host coffee shops. The usual cafe food menu can be found there: sandwiches, paninis, salads, wraps, and pastries. 

Cavendish Cafe

Located in Cavendish Hall, the cafe is ideally located if you’re from a hall in the Sports Zone. Again, the usual menu applies here as well. 

Coates Cafe

A place that has jacket potatoes on the daily menu, and also special menus that change every day, such as Mexican, Indian, and Thai. 

Eating in the city

Still hungry? Here are the top student-rated places to eat in Nottingham. 

 Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti

No, it’s not a Tarantino flick, but a cosy, rather hidden Italian restaurant. You have to make a reservation to book a table, as they’re only 20 seats in the entire restaurant. 

Annie’s Burger Shack

At Annie’s, you can try some real American burgers right in the middle of Nottingham, with veggie options and even a student discount. 

Warsaw Diner

The place is a cross between Polish and American, with a bit of Nottingham soul. A great place to have breakfast as you can pick and mix what you like. 

There are a lot more nice food places for you to check out in Nottingham: Bunk, Mod Pizza, Zaap Thai, Ugly Bread Bakery, Red’s True Barbecue, and more. 

We’ll let you discover them at your own pace. 

Back to campus

We’ve covered the most popular places, but once at Nottingham you’ll see that there are other nice places waiting to be discovered, and become the next popular eating spot. 

There are plenty of food options for both non-vegans and vegans, while further into the city you can find diverse source of nutrients.