University undergraduate students studying in the Monica Partridge Building Digital Hub. Friday November 5th 2021.Jane Israel (denim jacket); Cole Pearce and Sara Bintey Kabir (yellow top).

Nottingham foundation programmes

What is a foundation programme?

A foundation programme is a preliminary course that prepares you for undergraduate study, giving you the subject-specific knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Typically taking one or two years, these courses offer an alternative route to higher education if you're not eligible for direct entry to an undergraduate course.

We welcome students who don't meet the standard entry requirements or don't have the right A levels for their chosen course. We also work with Kaplan Pathways, who offer international foundation programmes suited to those with international qualifications, non-standard qualifications or those who need additional English language support.

As a mature student, I hadn’t studied maths or science since my GCSEs. This put me at a disadvantage compared to other students commencing their engineering degrees, and I was quite nervous when I first embarked on this venture.

However, the foundation year provided me with everything I needed and more, to make sure I had the ability and confidence to enter the first year.

Kim Onjun

Mechanical Engineering with a Foundation Year

You get the opportunity to learn skills which you wouldn't necessarily be taught in a regular undergraduate degree such as how to write an essay, how to write a dissertation and how to be media literate.

You also get the time to learn these skills thoroughly without having to rush through them.

Zoe Serlin

Foundations Arts Student