2023 - 2024 Faculty of Arts Alumni Scholarship Awards recipient stories

Discover how the scholarship has helped recipients from the 2023 - 2024 academic year pursue their academic ambitions to the fullest.

Each year, the Faculty of Arts provides Alumni Scholarship Awards for undergraduate students to help with essential living costs.

Here, recipients from the 2023 - 2024 academic year share how the scholarship has helped them in their professional and personal development.


At 15, I entered foster care and often struggled with the imposter syndrome as I was growing up. University always seemed like a shot in the dark for me because I was just a girl with nowhere to call hers and no money to her name. This scholarship helped me believe in a life and community on campus. I’m the first person in my family to attend university!

Chanti, American and Canadian Studies first year student

What brought you to the University?

English and Hispanic studies student

I was born in Poland and moved to England when I was 1. When I was 13, my parents welcomed my younger sister into the world, who was later diagnosed with Down syndrome. My mother became a full-time carer, and my father worked two jobs as a maintenance worker and a plumber.

During more difficult times, I found great comfort in English. I had a strong relationship with my teacher, who guided me through my studies and passions. I also enjoyed learning a new language and culture during my Spanish GCSEs, which is why I decided to take on English and Hispanic Studies. 

History student A

My father passed away suddenly in 2017, and it’s thanks to my Mum that both me and my sister were able to go to university, despite drastic life changes.

My relationship with History started when my uncle bought me a book about medieval knights and castles when I was seven. It deepened with historical games, such as Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV. Later, with films such as Apocalypse Now, The Thin Red Line, and Saving Private Ryan, I was able to visualize moments in history, which made me decide this was what I would like to dedicate my life to.


Undergraduate students outside Humanities Building, University Park

History student B

I have lived in Nottingham my whole life, and my parents didn’t go to university. They were working various jobs throughout my childhood, and perhaps this instability led them to encourage me to become a nurse.

However, I wasn’t sure it was the right career path for me, and I struggled academically with science subjects. It took me five years of various attempts to get into the public health sector to realise my passion was in History.

In my last attempt at a university degree, I enrolled in an Access to Higher Education in Humanities, where I fell in love with the idea of being a historian.   

International Media and Communications Studies student

The international aspect of my course really caught my attention, because I wanted a career that would take me around the world to different cultures. I also always loved the idea of working in film and television, and more recently, I spend a lot of time pondering over social media and its role in contemporary society.

The scholarship helps me regularly travel to London and visit family, which is such a relief as it’s been a hard year for us. I can also explore exhibitions that help me on my studies, such as the Disney 100 Exhibition that will give me a look into what happens behind-the-scenes at a global media company. 


I’m really enjoying university life, and a large part of it is the comfort of having extra funds and being financially independent from my parents.

International Media and Communications Studies first year student

Trent Building across Highfields Lake, University Park

What do you enjoy about your studies?


I chose to study American and Canadian studies because I had a love for American Literature during my A Levels. I had an amazing English Literature teacher who made each class so emotive and interesting.

My course covers everything from the history and politics behind the making of America, to very specific contemporary issues such as 'The Exploitation of Student Athletes in College Sports'. I love the breadth of what I’m learning!

History student A

So far, my course is exactly like what I expected, if not better. My favourite module is 'The Contemporary World Since 1945', which collectively spans over 1000 years of history.

My course allows me to learn about different histories, rich in their own ways. I’d like to eventually share a deep understanding of these histories with others as a historian.

History student B

Studying History helps me continue to broaden my perspective of the world. Through learning what has shaped the current climate, I feel like I’ve become a more considerate and analytical person. 


This scholarship took a lot of weight off the pressure of starting a new life in a new country, as I moved from Poland to the UK for university. Receiving it inspires me to have the same positive impact on others, as it has done for me.

History first year student A

What are your favourite things about campus life?

English and Hispanic Studies student

The scholarship meant I could afford to pay for my student accommodation,
which has ultimately been the highlight of my life on campus. My flatmates and I are close friends now, exploring different societies including the Climbing Society.

With more time to socialise, I also joined the Catholic Society, where I’m discovering more about my faith. 

History student A

The beautiful campus was one of the main reasons why UoN was on top of my list. When my sister, who was also a student here at the time, took me on a tour, I fell in love with the campus as we passed by the Portland Building, David Ross Sports Village and the lake.

The scholarship helped me pay my deposit for the new house in Lenton I’m due to move into next year, which also made it easier for me to find a place together with my friends.


Undergraduate students at a vintage clothing fair in the Student Union, Portland Building

I’ve been able to afford textbooks, lift financial strain off my family, and take fewer shifts at work. I can dedicate more time on my studies as a result. I’m also less anxious about money, can actively participate in various activities and build genuine long-term friendships. 

History first year student B

Applications for the Faculty of Arts Alumni Scholarship Awards are open now for degree students entering the University of Nottingham in September 2024. Find more information about the scholarship, guidance notes and application form here.


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