Sustainability Talk with Lee Hibbet (online)

Wednesday 8th March 2023 (12:00-13:00)
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Lee Hibbett is a Technician Manager in the School of Pharmacy, on secondment to the Sustainability team, and won the Sustainability Champion staff category in the Green Gown Awards.

Three years ago, Lee set up the Technical Sustainability Working Group (TSWG) for the university. The TSWG is a group of lab technicians from across all UK campuses, working to see where best practices from different departments can be rolled out to the whole university.

The TSWG has implemented a number of practical solutions to improve sustainability that are having an impact on reducing the carbon footprint of the university. They have removed water condensers from chemistry labs and replaced them with air condensers, saving over 3 million litres of water.

They have also driven a project to become the first university to pilot a new solvent recycler to recycle waste acetone, saving 2,000 litres acetone a year that would otherwise go for disposal. A polystyrene recycling initiative has also been set up across the university

The group has also signed up to the Lab Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) and set up a Midlands Innovation Group universities sustainability committee, with the aim of getting technicians and sustainability teams working together to share ideas.

Join us in this talk to discover what you can implement in your laboratory to improve sustainability.


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