Recognition on research outputs

The University of Nottingham recognises the vital contributions that technical colleagues make to research and innovation and are committed to ensuring that these contributions are appropriately recognised and attributed through inclusion on research outputs including publications and patents. The University of Nottingham’s Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics provides a comprehensive framework for good research conduct and the governance of all research carried out across the university, including the university’s international campuses. The Code underpins the university’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, rigour and excellence in all aspects of our research and for all research to be conducted according to the appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks and standards.

The Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics states:

“Team science is becoming increasingly common across all fields of research where research teams spanning different specialties and geographical centres and locations. The university recognises the diversity of the roles contributing to research. Therefore, in addition to meeting the requirements of the points above, an author must ensure that the work of students, research teams including technical colleagues (see 5.5.) is recognised in all publications derived from research to which they have made a contribution. Researchers should list the work of all contributors, with their permission, who do not meet the criteria for authorship in the acknowledgements section”.

“Section 5.5. Technical roles that contribute to research may include, but not limited to, data scientists, data engineers, archivists, informaticians, statisticians, software developers, audio-visual technologists, technical professional staff and individuals staffing core facilities, across all disciplines”.

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