Materials (Wolfson)


teaching lab

Building 41 wolf


load frame


Members of Staff

Rory Screaton - Senior Technical Manager 

Jason greaves - Deputy Supervisor

Dr Hannah Constantin

Dr Nigel Neate

Graham Malkinson

Shane Maskill

Julie Thompson

John Kirk

Kieran Orange

Richard Homer

Chad Boardman

Louise Briggs

Group Skills

X-ray diffraction ● X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy ● X-ray CT  ● Nano-Indentation ● Mechanical Testing ● Thermal Analysis ● Hardness and impact Testing ● Heat Treatment ● Fatigue Testing ● Spark Emission Spectroscopy ● Vickers Hardness Testing ● High Temperature Mechanical Testing ● HVOF Spraying ● Coldspray ● Electron Beam Lithography and Nano-fabrication ● Microscopy ● Sample Preparation ● Sample Etching ● Corrosion Testing ●Thermal Imaging ● Creep Testing ● Cell Culture ● Acid Etching ● Chemical Etching