PEMC Electrical


motor setup

Building 37 tower


Electrical Drives


Members of Staff

John Hinchliffe -Senior Technical Manager 

Christopher Varley - Senior Technical Manager 

Daniel Bathgate

Paul Girling

Robert Driver

Billy Harrison

Group Skills

High Voltage Power Systems ● Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical CAD Design ● Prototyping and Production ● 3D Design and Printing ● Advanced Panel Building ● Motor and Coil Design ● Thermal Refrigeration and Cooling ● Motor Installation ● Electrical Test Engineer ● Electrical Consultation for High Speed Machines ● High Power Systems ● High Power Machines ● Variable Voltage, AD/DC, Three Phase, High Frequency, Machinery Directives and Safety, Interlocks ● Electrical Standards ● Power Monitoring Instrumentation ● Electrical & Mechanical Fault Finding ● Renewable Energies ● Electric Propulsion,