Composites Group


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Group Skills

Autoclave Processed Pre-impregnated Laminations ● Composite Resin Transfer Mouldings (RTM) ● Compression Mouldings ● Composite Braiding Techniques ●  Automated Wet Fibre Placement to Manufacture Preforms ● Diaphragm 3D Preform Forming Rig ●  Working Knowledge of Chemicals used in the Composites Industry ● Certificated to Work with and on Power Presses ●  Knowledge of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems ● Health and Safety Expert in Composites Field ●  Programming and Operation of the Autoclave ● Training Students to use & Operate Equipment, Machine Tools, Hand Tools, Hydraulic Presses, High Temperature Ovens, Pressurised Vessels etc ● Kuka Robot Programming ● Ebike & Formula Student Vehicle Body Preparation.