Transportation Engineering


dynamic vapour sorption

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Members of Staff

Jon Watson - Senior Technical Manager

Richard Blakemore

Alex Radford

Chad Boardman

Group Skills

Bitumen Rheological Testing Including Dynamic Shear Rheomoter (DSR) ● Physicochemical Surface Energy Testing ● Measurement and Data Processing   ● Safety Assessment and System Documentation,Quality System Management ●  Bituminous Mixture Design ● Data Acquisition,Gas Pressure System Safety ●  Strain Gauging,Servo-Hydraulic Load Frame Testing ● Servo-Pneumatic Load Frame Testing ● Project Supervision ● Asphalt Materials Mixture Design and Manufacture ● Bituminous Matererials Testing ● Experimantal Test Setup and Process Design ● Pilot Plant Scale Foamed Bituminous Materials Production & Manufacture ● Induction Heating ● Mechanical Testing Laboratories ● Asphaltic Materials Production Laboratory ● Bituminous Materials Preparation Laboratory ● Diamond Cutting and Coring Capabilities ● Materials Fatigue Testing LaboratoryTeaching Rig Maintenance ● Teaching Lab Preparation ● Supporting Research Activities ● Teaching Rigs Commissioning ● Undergraduates Labs Modifications ● Teaching Labs Equipment Training● Undergraduate Labs,Technical Support for MEng and MSc Projects.

Group Overview

At NTEC, we evaluate the engineering, environmental and sustainable aspects of elements of road, rail, dock and airfield infrastructure.

Our laboratories undertake assessment of materials and technologies for the existing and future transport infrastructures. We are concerned with the sustainability and resilience of transportation infrastructure, the management and maintenance of the existing infrastructure asset as well as envisioning the future transport systems.

We teach undergraduate and postgraduate students and provide training courses in these topics. Our UKAS accredited laboratories offer commercial services to industry to help solve practical problems.


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