At our university, we share a passion for solving problems to change the world and our technicians contribute to this change in many ways.

Join our community of diverse and collaborative teams to grow your career and help us to deliver world changing research and teaching.


Be part of a new generation of technicians

We employ over 700 technicians across our campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia. They have expertise that spans a wide range of disciplines, and they make a fundamental contribution towards the university’s aims.

Together we deliver excellence in research and knowledge exchange, teaching and the student experience. Our vision is to ensure that our technical staff are world-class and that the University of Nottingham is the employer of choice for technical talent.



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Why choose the University of Nottingham?

Dr Tao Wu teaching students, Ningbo, China Campus

Grow your career in a diverse community

We are a global organisation with campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China. Join our diverse network and help us continue shaping the future of our world.

Trainer pointing at machinery, teaching a trainee

Earn as you learn with expert training

We will support you to fulfil your goals with attractive career development opportunities. We provide coaching and mentoring while you learn from our team of technical experts.


Technician inspecting crops in a crop field

Help to make sustainable solutions for the future

Our university places emphasis on sustainability. We support Nottingham’s goal to be the first carbon neutral UK city by 2028. We also work with environmental partners in China and Malaysia.

Technician in a lab coat adding samples to a machine

Contribute to world-changing research

Our research is amongst the finest produced in the UK. The power of our research was ranked 7th out of 157 institutions, taking part in REF2021 (Research Excellence Framework).



Our vision for technical talent

Our key initiatives and partnerships

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The University of Nottingham is a founding signatory of the Technician Commitment. The Commitment helps to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for those in technical roles in higher education and research institutes. The University also hosts the new UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy (ITSS) which will provide insight, influence, and interventions to ensure that the UK has the technical capability and capacity across academia, research, education, and innovation.

We are also a member of Midlands Innovation, a consortium of 8 research intensive universities driving innovation by uniting the strength of research and unique industry within the heart of the UK.

Our diverse community of staff and students

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With 34,000 students and 8,000 members of staff the university is a wonderfully diverse community. Inclusivity, fairness and respect are integral to our university values and our People and Culture Strategy underpins our work to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in everything we do.

Here we value kindness and celebrate difference, creating opportunities to learn from lived experiences so that we can better understand each other, build a sense of belonging and a positive supportive community. We warmly welcome people not just based on their past achievements, but also on the potential they show for the future and we want to draw on the widest possible range of talents and backgrounds. Indeed this very diversity is vital to our success, it is fundamental to our values and enriches life on campus.




Research technician working on Analytical Chemistry in the Mass Spectrometry laboratory, Chemistry Building, University Park
Available technician roles

Your ideal job could be just one more click away. Our technical vacancies are regularly updated with the very latest opportunities so be sure to register with us and sign up for job alerts.

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Staff benefits

Learn more about our highly attractive staff benefits, including competitive pay, generous pensions and on-campus childcare, along with a minimum of 26 days leave, plus bank holidays and 5 university closure days.

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Learn more about type of technical roles we offer

We offer a range of technical roles across three of our faculties. These include Medical and Health Sciences, Science and Engineering. Below we have listed some of the examples to help you familiar with the type of jobs we have.

Female undergraduates studying bones, Anatomy Suite, Nottingham Medical School, Queens Medical Centre

Teaching Technician

This role involves providing knowledge, experience and support to students across a wide range of practical subjects. Working closely with the academic teams, you will bring theory to life through practical teaching activities.

Samantha Bryan, Assistant Professor in White Biotechnology, working in a lab with Cyanobacteria

Research Technician

Using your practical ideas, knowledge and experience to progress cutting edge research programs. Working in research teams alongside the academic and researcher staff and PhD students to co-develop unique solutions and proven results.

Technician working with 3D printers in Engineering, University Park

Technical Apprentice

Work and learn alongside our existing technical staff to become proficient across a range of practical topics and skillsets, with study day release to gain formal qualifications. Working in a supportive and encouraging university environment, you will develop your career as a skilled technician.


Male undergraduate student working on the Formula Student car, University Park

Electric Vehicle Race Team Technical Lead

Join and lead this niche electric race team at a technician level. Providing knowledge and skills via a practical approach to the creation of electric vehicles through student projects and initiatives.

Materials Characterisation Technician working on X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) in Engineering, University Park

Materials Testing Technician

Working in material testing and development in a research or teaching laboratory environment. You will undertake the maintenance, servicing and calibration of laboratory equipment to ensure the safe use of equipment and systems.

Male researcher working in a Tissue Culture Laboratory, Nottingham Medical School, Queens Medical Centre

Laboratory Technician

In this role, you will provide technical support and assistance to technical and academic staff, researchers and postgraduates ensure the safe and effective operation of research laboratory activities.



Analytical Technician

This is a highly trained specialist, providing experimental data and method development for research and teaching using state of the art instrumentation across all our faculties.

Staff teaching how to print using a 3D printer, Faculty of Engineering, University Park

Technical Manager

Our technical staff are led by technical managers, who have the capability to coordinate technical activity, equipment, facilities, and people to deliver a comprehensive technical provision.

Postgraduate student working in the Engineering lab, University Park

Technical Specialist

Using specialist knowledge and expertise to provide technical support to facilities, instrumentation and experimental work across areas to assist with research and teaching outputs.



Discover a world class career

Your contribution to the research

Technician analysing results on a computer in the lab, Biodiscovery Institute

As one of our technicians, you can make a vital contribution to world changing research. You’ll achieve this by solving unique technical problems to help make great ideas become reality.

We’re committed to recognising the part you will play in published research and patents. That’s why fair attribution is a fundamental part of our Code of Research Conduct.

Your career development

Technicians working on a laptop

As a member of our technical community, you will receive continued development opportunities, to help you thrive in your role. Regardless of where you are in your career, we will support your development to help you achieve your goal.

You’ll have the chance to learn from leading experts and teach future changemakers. It’s this circle of knowledge sharing which helps create such a fulfilling career.







Technician career FAQs

What skills do technicians need?
Most of the skills required for the technical role are transferable, such as planning and organising, problem solving, time management, communications, analysis, attention to detail and teamwork.
What is the average salary of a technician?
The salary for the technical role depends on the level, but it starts at 23K.
What qualifications do you need to be a technician?
Depending on the role, the qualification requirements range from GCSEs up to specialist certification. At our university, we will support your career and further learning.
Is being a technician a good career choice?
This is a very good career choice. It allows you to grow your skills and experience while expanding your horizons. You will play a key role in making changes to improve people's lives and our world.
Do I need to go to university to become a technician?
No, you can become a technician after you complete your GCSEs. Also, at our university, we offer a range of apprenticeship programmes to support your career to become a technician.
What makes a good technician?
A good technician is someone who enjoys passing their practical knowledge and experiences to others, who is a good problem solver and can think outside the box. Who can take basic ideas and form them into practical workable solutions.
How do I apply for a technician role?
At the bottom of each advert, there is a link to apply via our recruitment portal. You can find more information about making an application on our ‘Candidate Guidance' and ‘How to Apply’ pages.
How do I prepare for an interview?
To help you with the preparation for an interview, we have developed a guide. You can find further information here. But don’t be afraid to contact us if you have further questions about the interview process. We would like you to feel comfortable and perform at your best, and we are here to help.