Chemical Engineering


laboratory testing

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Members of Staff

Dr Katy McKenzie -Senior Technical Manager

Dr Stephen Hall -Deputy

David Mee - Deputy

Joseph Meehan

Dr Shara Mohammed

Rachel Baines

Adrian Quinn

Vikki Archibald

Matthew Nicholls

Dr Jacob Uguna

Amy Pearson

Paul Moss

Manahil Kadhim


Group Skills

Chemical Engineering Labs ● Undergraduate Teaching Support in Chemical Engineering ● Multiphase Flow ●  Gas-Liquid Flow ● Electrical Capacitance Tomography ● Wire Mesh Seniors ● Heat and Mass Transfer ● Elemental Analysis (Inductively Coupled Plasma -OES, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry, CHNS  Carbon Coulometery)● Acid Digestion ● Atomic Spectroscopy ● Thermal Analysis (Thermogravimetric Analysis) ● Analytical Support (UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, AAs, Chemisorption and Physisorption) ● Laboratory Method Development in Environmental Chemistry ● Chemical Waste Specialist ● Sample Preparation using Jaw Crushers ● Small Rotary Sample Divider ● Vibrating Feeders ● Polish and Grinding Resin Block Samples ● Making Fused Glass Beads and Pressed Powder Pellet for Energy Dispersive X-Ray Flourescence, Wavelength Dispersive XRF ●  Creating Resin Block Samples for Mineral Liberation Analysis (MLA) SEM using the Following Machines, Rotopol, Tegrapol, Technomat, Epovac, Q150R ES. ED-XRF ● Calibrate WD-XRF and ED_XRF using Certified Reference Materials ● Running instruments including the CEM, ASE (Accelerated Solvent Extraction) ● Single Mode Cavity, Rotary Evaporator ● Continuous Flow Microwave Polymerisation and the MiniFlow ● Measure Samples Dielectric Properties at Room Temperature and High Temperature with Resident Cavity Apparatus C1 and C3 ● Use ATM Brilliant 220 (Precision Wet Abrasive Cutter) to Cut down resin block samples ● Autoclave ● UV spectrometer ● Fermentation Sampling ● Fast Freeze Samples using Liquid Nitrogen ● Technical support for SPT group (Molecular Biology, Microbiology) ● Teaching Rigs Maintenance ● Teaching Lab Preparation ● Supporting Research Activities ● Teaching Rigs Commissioning ● Undergraduates Labs Modifications ● Teaching Labs Operation Training ● Offsite Sampling.