L4 Technical Workshop


L4 workshop

Building 31 L3 220px


L3 welding area


Members of Staff

Michael Fletcher -Supervisor 

Sam Murray

Joshua  Blockley

Sean Turner

Group Skills

Milling, Turning (conventional and cnc)                                                      Small Boring Machine                                                                                        2d and 3d CAD/CAM (AlphaCam)

Milling, Turning (conventional and cnc) ● Small Boring Machine ● 2d and 3D CAD/CAM (Alphacam) ● Engraving ● Welding Tig and Mig ● Oxy/Acetylene Gas cutting and Brazing ● Plasma Cutting ● Sheet Metal Fitting ● QVF Glass and Fittings Installation ● Water Plumbing Design and Install ● Installation of Air and Special Gases  ● High Pressure Swagelok Systems Design ●  Steam Pressurised Systems Install and Maintenance    ● Small Bench Top Rig Design, Build, Modification, Maintenance and Repair ● Large Scale Pilot Plant Design, Build Modification, Maintenance and Repair ● Gas Bottle Regulator Installation and Connectivity.