Electronic Workshop


electrical laboratory

Building 37 tower


student in lab


Members of Staff

Mark Birkin -Supervisor 

Edward Kujawinski

Alex Ottway

Jonathan Pepper


Group Skills

Test and Repair of Electrical & Electronic items ● Test and Repair Printed Circuit Boards ● Modification of Printed Circuit Boards ● Printed Circuit Board Design ● Surface Mount Technology Component Fitting Removal and Repair ● Through Hole Component Fitting Removal and Repair ● Printed Circuit Board Population ● Soldering and De-soldering Construction ● advice and guidance of Electrical & Electronic Projects ● Test Fixtures ● Rigs ● Small Low Power Control Systems ● Custom Build Electronics ● PC Repair● Firmware Upgrades & Updates ● Light Mechanical Engineering (such as drilling and cutting) ● Electrical Safety Advice ● Basic Audio/Visual Support ● Eagle, KiKad ,Arduino Nano, Uno, Mega platforms ● Raspberry Pi platform ● 3D printing