Rolls Royce UTC Advanced Manufacturing Group

Building 59 Room A022 am buildinga



Martyn Barrett - Senior Technical Manager

Stephen Hall

Daniel Forman

Group Skills

Laser Ablation ● Laser Deposition ● CNC Milling ● CNC Turning ● Manual Turning ● Manual Milling ● Viper Grinding ● Coordinate Measurement ● Water Jet Machining ● Micro Water Jet Machining ● Machining of Diamond And Aerospace Super alloys ● Interferometry ● Surface Measurement ●  CAD/CAM ● Macro Programming ● Centre Lathe Turning ● 4 and 5 Axis CNC Milling ● Operating and Programming Mitutoyo Co-ordinate Measuring Machine ● Large Volume Precision Measurement with Leica Laser Tracker and Nikon Laser Radar ● Operating and Programming for Kuka, ABB and Motoman Robots ● Operation of Kuka Robots Within FA3D Cell ● Polishing ● Building of Bespoke Robots for the Aerospace Industry.