Technical Skills & Conference Fund


The University has pledged to support technical colleagues in their development through the creation of a dedicated Technical Skills and Conference Fund. This fund has been developed to ensure technical colleagues can apply for dedicated funding to facilitate their attendance at appropriate courses and conferences to ensure they can continue to develop their technical skills and expertise.

About the Fund

To be eligible to apply to the Technical Skills and Conference Fund you must be a member of staff of the Technical Services Job Family. Applicants are encouraged to seek a contribution from their Faculty/School/Department but are still encouraged to apply to the Fund if Faculty/School/Department funds are unavailable.

The Application Process

There are four application deadlines, as follows: 31 March, 31 May, 30 September, 31 January

To apply, please complete the Technical Skills and Conference Fund application form.

Valid expenditure includes: conference registration fees, training course fees, standard class travel, accommodation and subsistence in line with the University’s Travel and Expenses Policy. Applicants are encouraged to apply to the University’s Conference and Training Care Fund for funding to cover reasonable ‘additional’ caring costs for dependents necessarily incurred when they attend work related training, including conferences, development events and training courses – further details are available at:

Please note that the Technical Skills and Conference Fund is for technical training courses and relevant conferences only. Applications for funding to cover tuition fees will not be accepted.

Forms must be submitted by 5pm on the appropriate deadline (as detailed above) to:

Terms and Conditions

1. You must be a member of staff in the Technical Services Job Family at the time of attending the conference or the course.

2. Applicants must be able to demonstrate efforts to seek Faculty/ School/Department and/or external funding.

3. You will be eligible to receive only one Technical Skills & Conference Fund award per year.

4. Details of successful applicants, (including name, faculty, school/department), conference/course title and location of the conference/course, will be made available on the University’s Technicians website).

5. As a condition of any funds awarded, you will be required to complete a short report on learning outcomes and your experience on return from your trip.