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Studying at university comes with its own jargon. Here a few key words to consider:

Key wordDefinition
Assessment An assessment is the evaluation of your achievement on a course.
Assignment An assignment is a task or piece of work that you are given to do, as part of your studies.
Dissertation dissertation is an extended piece of writing based on broader research and reading.
Lab session lab session, practical or workshop is a chance to put theory into practice.
Lecture lecture can take place online or in-person in a lecture theatre.
Lecturer An academic subject expert, also known as a lecturer, presents information (usually in the form of a slide show presentation) to a large group of students, who will take notes and follow along to understand a particular topic.
Peer mentor You can be paired with a peer mentor – they’re a second or final year student on your course. They’ll share their skills and knowledge on everything from how to make the most of tutorials, to recommending local takeaways. Our established peer mentoring scheme means that students across all year groups contribute to making our university a supportive and friendly place to study.
Personal tutor

You will meet with your personal tutor regularly throughout each academic year. They can offer you support and guidance in:

  • professional development – e.g. careers, volunteering, placement opportunities
  • academic development – e.g. essay writing, time management, revision
  • pastoral and welfare needs – e.g. personal problems, health issues
  • academic community
Seminar seminar is led by a lecturer or other subject expert (e.g. language assistant) and involves a small group of students – about 20 maximum. It’s a chance for you to explore topics discussed in lectures and to interact with people on your course to debate and develop understanding.
Source source is a person or book that provides information for a news story or for a piece of research.

tutorial can be a one-to-one or small group meeting with your personal tutor, where you can discuss module topics in more detail, set academic goals and raise any questions.


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