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How to accept your offer

Everything you need to know, from understanding your offer to accepting your place.

A guide to accepting your offer

Deciding where to study is an exciting time, but it can sometimes feel stressful, too.

Don't worry, that's completely normal. We understand you may need some extra support to make your decision. That's why we’ve pulled together all the information you need, to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

On this page:
  • Are you an international student?
  • Understanding your offer
  • Accepting your offer
  • Your choices and replies
  • Deferral
  • University admission process and Quality Manual

Are you an international student?

International applicants should first read all sections on this webpage.

Also see our 10 steps to obtaining your student visa from overseas.

Understanding your offer

When you receive your offer to study with us, you’ll either have an 'unconditional offer' or a 'conditional offer'.

Unconditional offer

  • If you make us your firm choice then the place is yours, and you will be starting in September.

Conditional offer

  • If you make us your firm choice then the place is yours, provided you meet the entry requirements.

Accepting your offer

You can reply to all of your offers through UCAS Hub. UCAS also have detailed information on how to reply to your offers.

You don't need to reply to any offers until all five of the universities or colleges you applied to have notified you of their decisions. Depending on when this takes place, you will have from one to five weeks to respond.

Your choices and replies

Once you’ve logged into your UCAS Hub, there are three types of reply you can make.

Firm acceptance

  • you want to make Nottingham your first choice
  • if you have an unconditional offer, you’re in!
  • if you have a conditional offer, the place is yours if you meet the offer conditions

Insurance acceptance

  • this is your backup choice, in case you do not meet the entry requirements of your first choice


  • you’ve made your firm and insurance decisions, so decline any other offers

You are unable to go back and choose your firm and insurance choices when you get your results. Therefore, make sure you are happy with your choices when you reply!


We will usually accept applications more than 12 months before the date of admission if there are good reasons. For example, if you will be gaining relevant work experience, spending time abroad to improve your languages, or need to secure a university place before being considered for industrial sponsorship.

If you would like a deferred start date, please state your preferred starting date on your application form.

How can I request a deferral?

You can request deferral through our enquiry form. Please include your full name and University of Nottingham ID number.

The deadline to defer your offer to 2025 is one day after the latest date to register. For undergraduate courses this will be 15 October 2024.

Requests for deferral will be approved at the discretion of the academic school or department. The maximum period allowed for deferral is one academic year. Please note that your academic qualifications must be valid at your revised start date. For offer holders whose first language isn’t English, your English Language qualifications/tests must also be valid at your revised start date.

University admission policies

Applicants are considered solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, ethnic or national origin, age (subject to the university regulations on minimum age), disability, religion, sexual orientation or any other irrelevant distinction.

To find out more take a look at our policies.

Quality Manual

The Quality Manual sets out the university's policies and procedures relevant to both the tuition and the supervision of all students.

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