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What is Clearing?

In July and August, many universities will still have vacancies for undergraduate courses starting this year. Clearing is the process for finding courses which have places available and applying for them.


Why should I apply through Clearing?

If you haven't got an offer from your UCAS choices, want to rethink your original choices and apply for something different, or if you're applying for the first time this year, Clearing is ideal for you. 

You may not be confident in your results, or you might still be deciding what (and where) to study. Clearing lets you choose the right university and course for you.

You can use Clearing if you:

  • didn't meet the conditions of your offer(s)
  • or declined your firm offer through UCAS
  • or you didn't receive (or accept) any offers  in UCAS
  • or if you're applying for the first time after 30 June


When can I use Clearing?

Clearing opens in early July and some universities and courses will have Clearing vacancies available then. Some other Clearing vacancies may not open until A level results day in August.

At Nottingham we typically offer some courses in Clearing at both of these times, and have separate lists of vacancies for 'home' and international students.

You can only apply for Clearing places once you have received your final academic results.

Find out more on the UCAS website



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