Clearing and AdjustmentYou're exactly where you're supposed to be

What is Clearing and Adjustment?

If you haven't already got an offer from a university or want to rethink your options, you can apply for an undergraduate course through Clearing and Adjustment.

Universities will have vacancies in a range of subjects for well-qualified students, so whatever your chosen subject, there's a good chance you'll be able to find an opportunity to study it at Nottingham. 

What is Clearing?

Clearing helps when your results are not what you expected, by making sure you still have plenty of options to follow your favourite subject at another university. 

You can 'self-release' into Clearing from early July, if you want to give yourself the freedom to find your perfect place on results day instead of sticking with your original plan. 

Why should I apply through Clearing? 

There are many reasons for coming to university through Clearing, whether it's your first application or after approaching universities for offers earlier in the year. 

You may not be confident in your expected results and want more freedom of choice on results day, or you could still be deciding what you want to study (and where), to find the university and course that best suit you. 

You can use Clearing if you: 

  • applied after 30 June 
  • didn't receive (or accept) any offers 
  • didn't meet the conditions of your offers 
  • declined your firm offer through UCAS

What is Adjustment?

If you have met and exceeded the conditions of your firm choice (CF) offer, but are interested in applying for a different university or course, you can apply through Adjustment.

Adjustment has the advantage of keeping your original offer 'safe' while you contact other universities to discover your options, for five days from the date your offer becomes 'Unconditional Firm (UF)'. If you don't find a place during the five day period, you will be placed back at your original firm choice. 

You cannot choose Adjustment if you:

  • are confirmed (UF) at your firm choice but did not exceed the conditions of your offer
  • have a confirmed place on a changed course offer
  • had an unconditional offer originally
  • have a confirmed place at your insurance choice