UNISON - University of Nottingham Branch

National Executive Council elections 2023

We received nomination requests for the upcoming National Executive Council elections - click on the links at the bottom of the page to read the nomination request - and discussed these at the branch committee meeting on Friday 10 February 2023. The branch committee voted to nominate the following:

Branch nominations made:

East Midlands female seat: Nathalie Birkett

East Midlands reserved (low paid) seat: Sara Evans 

Higher Education general seat: Joanne Tapper

Higher Education female seat: Kath Owen

Young members general seat: Sam Harris

Young members female seat: Alejandra Navarro


Nomination requests received:

East Midlands region 

East Midlands female seat

East Midlands male seat

East Midlands reserved (low paid) seat


Higher Education service group 

Higher Education general seat

Higher Education female seat


Self-organised groups

Black members female seat

Black members male seat

Black members reserved (low-paid) seat

Disabled members general seat

Disabled members female seat

Young members general seat

Young members female seat


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