On Demand Laboratory Scientist Degree Apprenticeship Information Webinar

On Demand Webinar
Thursday 4th February 2021 (11:00) - Tuesday 1st February 2022 (11:00)
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This webinar session  will demonstrate how we can help you or your team to develop degree-level skills in Laboratory Science, in a cost-effective way. 

The Level 6 Laboratory Scientist (Chemistry) degree apprenticeship programme combines the best of research-led education with the world of work. It gives apprentices the opportunity to inform their academic studies with real-world experience. Refining scientific approaches, deepening research and expanding networks enhances apprentices learning and confidence and enables them to make significant contributions to their employer's organisation.  

The webinar will cover: 

  • Entry requirements and eligibility
  • Funding information 
  • Course content 
  • Factoring off-the-job learning into the working week 
  • Recruitment and support 
  • Q&A session with Programme Director and Employer Engagement Team

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is designed for businesses who would like to learn more about developing degree-level laboratory skills in a chemistry pathway within their organisations via a degree apprenticeship. This may be upskilling existing staff or using the programme to attract new talent to their organisation. 

Employees currently working in roles that would allow them to develop degree level skills, knowledge and behaviours of a Laboratory Scientist (Chemistry) are also welcome to register.

Apprentices must be employed in a role that allows them to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of a Laboratory Scientist (Chemistry). 

About our speakers

Dr Kyle Galloway

Dr Galloway, Associate Professor of Chemistry Education is the Programme Director for the Laboratory Science Degree Apprenticeship, Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Chemistry, Educational Excellence Group Faculty Lead for Science Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Galloway was awarded his Ph.D. in July 2009 and joined the University of Nottingham as a Teaching Fellow in Inorganic Chemistry. In 2015 he was promoted to Assistant Professor of Chemistry Education. Dr Galloway has won the Lord Dearing Award for his outstanding contribution to the development of teaching and student learning, which was presented in July 2015.

Dr Galloway is actively involved in chemistry education research and has presented findings at national and international conferences. Current research areas include:

  • Development of effective synoptic activities using online resources and peer-learning
  • Investigation of the perceived value of degree skills by chemistry undergraduates

In addition, Dr Galloway is involved in outreach activities to engage with schools and raise awareness of chemistry and science. He is interested in the school to university transition and also in developing student career skills in order to enhance employability after graduation.


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