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Welcome to the Nottingham BBSRC Wheat Research Centre

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The Nottingham BBSRC Wheat Research Centre is one of the main centres world-wide specialising in the generation of wheat-wild relative introgressions. ​

​Whilst wheat yields are plateauing as a direct result of a lack of genetic variation compounded by environmental change, the wild relatives of wheat provide a vast and largely untapped reservoir of genetic variation for potentially most, if not all, agronomically important traits. ​

​The Nottingham BBSRC Wheat Research Centre is unique in that it has put in place a pipeline from the generation of introgression lines via a glasshouse breeding programme through to the molecular marker and cytogenetic tools required for the characterisation of the introgressions. We are using this pipeline to move new genetic variation from a range of wild relative species into wheat. ​

​Our mission​

  • To transfer genetic variation for agronomically and scientifically important traits from wild and distantly related species into wheat and to distribute the germplasm generated world wide for exploitation in breeding programmes and in scientific research.
  • To generate introgressions that enable the development of high yielding resilient wheat varieties, that are adapted to the changing environment, and make a significant contribution to meeting global food requirements ​


Nottingham BBSRC Wheat Research Centre

Department of Plant and Crop Science
The University of Nottingham
School of Biosciences
Sutton Bonington Campus
Leics, LE12 5RD

Tel: +44 (0) 115 951 6014